The Power of Play

The Power of Play

This was a piece contributing to Kevin Carroll’s play-inpsired show at the Mercy Corps gallery in Portland in 2013. The theme was to use a rubber ball as a theme and to connect the art to the idea of play.



The Stumptown Lumberjack

Lumberjacks love stumps. A friend, Heather, let me borrow her Copic marker. Dang. That sucker’s got some nice responsiveness. Don’t get me wrong, I love sharpies, the black chisel tip is my normal weapon of choice, but it might be worth the investment to buy the Cadillac.


Insights spots for The Good

Even if The Good wasn’t elevating global expectations for digital interaction (which they are) I would nonetheless consider them awesome people in their own right. We worked to create some short stories illustrating insights they’re using to spread the gospel of good interactive design. I did the storyboarding and illustration for these projects. I’m pretty stoked on how they all turned out.

From The Hidden Cost of Untested Design



Direct links to the animations:

A Better Way to Redesign Your Site

Social Share Buttons

The Hidden Cost of Untested Design

User Reviews – Spelling vs Star Count

Hiring Your Website

PS: The pieces were animated by the aptly named Clint Beastwood.

You gots to shill…

Please email or comment if you get the title.

My friend has this company, called ilovehandles and I am highly enamored with their products, especially the barnacle. They’ve just released the Pinhead and I was asked to contribute by making an utter fool of myself (being myself) on camera describing their latest product.



The Evergreen Handcuffs…

The Evergreen Handcuffs refer to how, once you’re fallen for the PNW, you can never leave, even if you want to. Not that I do. I love this place. Do you see the pun there? Fuzzy Variables – Fozzy Beariables…it’s a knee-slapper, a witty jab, a giggler, a real side-splitter.
Evergreen Handcuffs



Doesn’t matter what you do, what you say, he’ll keep dance, dance, dancing the night away.

Gotta Dance

Beast mode on the track…

On may 16th, 2012, I tried my hand at Portland’s storied Stumptown 40. My vehicle was infused with freshbeast’s signature speed and awesomeness – I think it finished in the top 5 or so. Truth be told I was in Milwaukee on assignment doing a project for a popular American motorcycle company. So it was actually the great Martha Koenig’s hand (and @peachcheesekake‘s support and text message updates) that propelled my car and spirits while sad and alone in Milwaukee, something that I will be eternally grateful for.

As Dobson navigated his vessel, he felt the strange sensation of being watched. Yet as he peered out over the blue, he saw nothing.



Deep in my internal organs I’ve always wanted to bask in the joy of having an awesome blog, but lacked the work/life balance needed to maintain one. That all changes today. Get ready. I be posting all kinds of epic relentlessness yo.

You see – this first post’s got me, the friend who shares with the world, as a whale. Not bad for a first post.